Our Lady the Pelectite: The monastery that stands out in the “throne” of Agrafi

From one end to another in Greece there are many churches and monasteries. Small and larger monasteries that each have its own history. One of the things that stands out is the Virgin Mary Peleckiti in the Agraphs. A special monastery literally carved into the rocks, which gave him that name. The monastery is built at 1400 meters, right on the rim of the steep slope of the Agraphas, near the village of Plastira Lake. This monastery is an excellent example of the 15th century architecture. Once you get there, apart from this architecture, you will be won by the beauty of the landscape and the green landscape. The history of the Holy Monastery of Panagia Pelectis is very important and special. It has been inextricably linked to the period of the Greek Revolution of 1821, during which Karitsa was destroyed by the Turks. It was the first destruction of the village since the second came in 1943 by the Germans. The monks of the monastery were among the protagonists during the liberation of Karitsa from the Turks, creating a different relationship with the inhabitants. The name of the church can easily be explained by seeing the building. According to tradition, the monastery was carved with wooden tools, at the suggestion of the Virgin Mary to its craftsmen. As tradition features, the Virgin even indicated how to build when presented in the master’s dream saying: “You will peck the rock with the chisel and build a church, which you will name Our Lady Pelecti”.