Fay Skorda: “Arauho nice wear, you played ball this weekend”, commented her associates

The rumor that something’s wrong with him was answered by her. It all started from a tag made by Fay Skorda to Sergio Araho in a photo of her from Italy. This was the cause of a strong rumor about her relationship with AEK footballer. When the presenter posted a photo of her from Rome with a reference to the footballer, reports began to wonder if something was going on between them. On Monday morning (01.04.2024), Faye Skorda did not escape the teasing of her associates… Press comments… “pretty nice wear” or that “you played ball this weekend” gave and received. She said features in the air of her show. “Sometimes I wonder if it’s ignorance… You start like this and make me say something now. What can I say? I’m used to it, I do this job, and I humorfully deal with it, but when something is clear. This isn’t the first time anything’s written or bothered me. This is about a friend of mine who is a fashion designer and had a partnership with this particular garment belonging to a collection. If it was something I would like to communicate with, it’s nothing bad, I would communicate it.” “I was just impressed with the extent. Especially sportswriters from what I understand,” concluded Faye Skorda.