Social tourism – DYPA: Over 4,600 vacationed in March with voucher

A total of 4,628 of her cheques were activated in tourist accommodation in the country in March. As a most popular destination in the program of social tourism of DYPA, the Southern Section of Athens emerged, followed by Ioannina and Pella. For example, the 10 regional units with the highest number of cheques activated last month are: It is recalled that holidays can take place by 30 June 2024 . Beneficiaries and beneficiaries can make up to 6 nights in accommodation chosen by the Providers Register. Especially for accommodation in Leros, Lesvos, Chios, Kos can take place up to 10 nights free of charge, while in Rhodes, V. Evia, Evros and Samos accommodation, up to 12 nights free of charge can take place. Apart from staying in tourist accommodation, ferry tickets are also subsidised. The participation of the general category of beneficiaries is 25%, of the children is 20%. For disabled, ferry tickets are available free of charge. For further information , interested parties may visit its e-mail address .