Evening surgery: Premiere tomorrow in Papageorgiou and AHEPA – The first 5 interventions and conditions

A major reform begins this week in the afternoons. In the afternoon surgeries in the NIS are leading two hospitals in Northern Greece rather than Attica. The hospitals “Papageorgiou” and “AHEPA” of Thessaloniki are the first to open on Tuesday afternoon (12.03). 24) for the first time their surgical rooms to operate on the first five patients in afternoon surgery. The first “customers” of afternoon surgeries The first four paid surgeries will be held at “Papageorgiou” tomorrow, Tuesday (12.04). 24) in the presence of the Ministry of Health’s political leadership. It will be two orthopedic and two general surgery procedures to treat groin in one man and one woman. Another patient will be operated on the same day outside breakfast and in AHEPA, Thessaloniki. Based on the classification of the severity of surgery by the Ministry of Health in 6 categories, these surgeryes belong to the categories “very small” and “small” of gravity, while orthopedics belong to the category of “heaviest” surgery. The cost to the patient – according to the health ministry – will again be less than what he would pay in the private sector. For example, the afternoon surgery in the NSS for the groin costs 500 euros, while in private it exceeds 1,800 euros. A cholecystectomy that in private costs over 2,500 euros in afternoon surgery costs between 500 and 1,200 euros. The patient based on the new KYA of the Ministries of Finance and Health will be charged a total of 300 to 2,000 euros for the surgery paid to the NSO, depending on its severity. An operation for the treatment of cataract is described as “very small” or “small”, while knee or hip arthropplastics are classified in “large” or “heavy” procedures respectively. “The waiting list will be reduced – Folders will be reduced” An impression is that most of the first five patients to operate tomorrow are on a waiting list for regular surgery… since 2020! Please note that “Papageorgiou” has a waiting list that measures about 9,000 people, while according to official data from the Ministry of Health, 14,000 patients have been on a waiting list for over a year in hospitals in Northern Greece. “Thessaloniki is the city that has the biggest shortages of anesthesiologists in the country”, Adonis Georgiadis admitted on Sunday (10.03.24) to SKAI while arguing that at the top of the problem is located in “Papageorgiou”. “It is the hospital that has the longest waiting in regular surgeries. The first four surgeries to be held on Tuesday are people who rushed to make use of the possibility of afternoon surgeries,” the minister said in particular and added that they are “the first afternoon surgeries to take place after 40 years, because for the first time we discussed and legislated them in 1992,” he stressed. According to the programming made by the “Papageorgiou” Surgery Committee in hospital afternoon surgery (for which 2 of about 10 active surgery rooms in the morning surgery will be used for start-up), will be conducted: 10 to 15 surgeries per week 40 to 60 surgeries per month “Our goal is to reduce waiting and complete the surgeries that have been on the lists for months,” said Deputy Minister of Health, Marios Themistocleous, and added that the operation of afternoon surgeries will significantly increase the dynamics of the system. Also, using the Single Digital List tool, the Ministry of Health will have all the data and information to reduce the huge waiting list that currently has 102,000 people, 50,000 of whom will be served free of charge through a €60 million fund for the recovery fund. Free surgery will begin after April and after the relevant laws are passed to ensure the necessary funds. “Knowing where we have a problem, we will in any case apply the appropriate solution”, said Marios Themistocleous. At the same time the dossier will be combated, he notes. “The only way to fight the sachet is to reduce waiting time. If there is no waiting, there is no need to give a folder,” he stressed. Which hospitals follow After “Papageorgiou” and AHEPA within the week follow other hospitals that have expressed interest and declare ready to begin their afternoon service. Indicatively, and as it emerged after the online meeting held at noon on Friday (08.03. 24) the Minister of Health, Adonis Georgiades and the Deputy Minister of Health, Marios Themistocleus with the administrators of hospitals throughout the country, following the hospitals: “Evangelism”, Thorakos Hospital “Sotiria”, General State “G. Genomes”, “Attikon” hospital, as well as the General State of Nice. “Over 150 hospitals said they are organizing afternoon surgeries. Therefore, they have the necessary staff to perform afternoon surgeries,” Health Minister Adonis Georgiadis said in response to those who argue that there is no necessary staff to staff the new structure of afternoon surgeries. Other hospitals that have expressed interest and are expected to start surgery, perhaps even within this week, are the General Hospital of Alexandroupolis, the General Hospital of Kavala and the General Hospital of Thessaloniki “Saint Paul”. Full inability to organize afternoon service was stated by the 6-8 hospital administrators, who do not have the necessary infrastructure, but also sufficient beds and staff to support the project. Among these are the Hospitals: “Hope”, Wife “Patisios”, “Pamakaristis” and “Amalia Fleming”, etc. See also: A. Georgiades: Over 150 hospitals organize afternoon surgeries Evening surgery: “The interest of medical staff” says the Ministry of Health Great is, according to the Ministry of Health, the interest shown by medical staff to participate in the scheduled for payment afternoon surgeries. Catholic is, according to Adoni Georgiades, the intention to participate in the institution that workers at the University Hospital in Larissa demonstrated. 100% of the staff, as he said, want to participate in afternoon surgeries. In the hospital “Papageorgiou” 13 surgical nurses (tools) and 7 anesthesiological nurses have been reported, according to WTODEN data. An indirect benefit from this operation, moreover, is the additional revenue that the staff of the NSO can obtain from the afternoon paid operation of the hospital. Please note that staff fees will range from 125 to 1,000 euros for surgeons depending on the degree and severity of the surgery. For managers, assistant professors, curators and assistant professors, the fee will range from 110 euros to 900 euros depending on the severity of the surgery, while anesthesiologists will receive between 90 and 450 euros, depending on the severity of the surgery. Paramedic, nursing and other surgical staff will receive 15 (15.00) euros each, per hour of work after regular hours. The completion of the afternoon surgery reform is expected to come in the coming weeks with the institutionalisation of the right of employment to the afternoon surgeries of the NSS and private doctors. They will be able to operate with their team, paying an amount to grant the use of the surgical room. At the same time, however, a private individual should participate in some hospital on-calls so that he can maintain the privilege of working with the NSO. Reportage: Janna Sulaki/ Source: Iatropedia.gr