Mitsotakis – Kouretas sees the farmers of Thessaly: Our first meeting went well.

The Prime Minister has a meeting with the representatives of Thessaly, while earlier. According to the regional governor of Thessaly, Dimitris Koureta at the meeting with Sunday Mitsotakis “There was a first briefing and discussion went well tomorrow we have a follow-up”. He also stressed that “a substantial consultation begins tomorrow so that we can do what we all want to do to become something common for the better future of Thessaly. I submitted to the Prime Minister a study which includes five months of work which is the plan that we should clean up rivers and streams in the summer so that we do not have similar phenomena in autumn.” Asked when the works should start he said: “Immediately yesterday must begin. We have already done enough to clean the streams and the mounds.” The Prime Minister earlier stressed, among other things, that today’s meeting should be the first opportunity to present the conclusions of the study (Dutch’s p.m.) which we need to see through the light of scientific character. He added that it is not established but gives directions and that it will be able to form the road map to have the best possible cooperation between government and local government to make a drastic intervention in the problems of Thessaly.