Wound in AEK with Morgan and anger of the player: Etsenike deliberately injured me – ESAKE, do something

Her Jordan Morgan will stay out of action for the following weeks due to a shoulder injury he suffered in the match with Prometheus in Upper Liosia. Angry the player of the Union, invited him to take his steps. Jordan Morgan’s injury of the AEK was caused by a hold of Jaime Etsenike in the match with Prometheus. “ The inconceivable ephemeral malice struck the Queen again at a critical turning point in her racing activities, after Jordan Morgan was knocked out! The American center, injured during the match with Prometheus Patras after an anti-sport foul opponent, suffered a partial rupture within a left elbow lateral link. Our athlete started a rehabilitation program. His condition will be monitored by the Medical Staff of AEK BETSSON BC. It is recalled that he has been out of action since February 12 and Justin Tilman, who had been diagnosed with a fourth-foot metatarsal fracture, while a treatment and conservative program follows and Dimitris Flionis,” says the announcement of the “yellow blacks”. From the point of view, Jordan Morgan expressed his anger at the arbitration (this violation was not punished by the referees initially, until after an examination of the instant replay) and called on the ESAKE to take steps. “ESAKE, I want to know what will happen to it. 20+ years of playing basketball and I’ve never seen anyone so deliberately try to hurt another player. Now I’ll be out for weeks in a critical period of the season. There’s no room for that in any sport. I expect measures to be taken!” the player said in his post. See this post on Instagram.