Eleonora Study: It was a very difficult time for the morning Coffee but I feel grateful to have lived it

‘ The tools I took through this story are also transferred to my new book” she stresses. During the difficult times she was invited to face during the presentation of the Morning Coffee and especially after it, Eleonora Study was mentioned from a heart when she met with Tasos Trifonos on Cypriot television. “It was a very difficult time of my life that of the Morning Coffee that, however, I am grateful to have lived it because it helped me very much to shape what I want to be today. He helped me see people differently. At first very hostile, almost suspicious, but now with understanding and compassion. I have worked very hard and these tools that I took through this story are also transferred to my new book” the presenter initially admitted. “Its title will be “My dream has always been a purple bike”. It is a very important phrase and one will find out by reading the book. This book is based on true facts but it is not an autobiography in any way because who even cared. But it is a period that has interceded since I disappeared from Breakfast Coffee.” “After breakfast coffee I literally disappeared because I left the country. I left Greece unable to manage walking on the street and everyone thought they thought about me all that they were listening to on TV. I left hunted almost” Eleonora Study added to Alpha Cyprus’ “Tet a Tet”. “I made a very nice trip to Bali for a few months and there I met people and gained knowledge that I used and pursued all my dreams and also found ways to stand up to myself. To find ways to heal myself from what he had suffered and set my limits on others.”