AEK – Olympiacos 1-0: Eliason “signed” with goals in delays the Super League playoff derby 1

An Eliasson goal in the first minute of the delays, she judged her derby with him in the OPAP Arena for the 2nd Super League playoffs competition 1, giving the Union the 1–0 win. At a good pace in OPAP Arena, Olympiacos was the one who had the opportunities for goals, but Athanasiadis “highened” a wall at his goal and allowed Eliasson to score a win goal in the finale of the match, giving AEK a big one in the Super League 1 playoffs. The Union thus returned to the top of the championship score and to +2 by PAOK, while “opened” its difference, both by the Pirates and Panathinaikos, which was defeated earlier by the Thessalonians on the Avenue. The game The two teams started the game dynamically and created a good rhythm in the derby, with Olympiacos losing the first big opportunity in 10′, with Masoura getting an unmarked header “fish” in front of Athanasiadis, but the AEK goalkeeper strugglingly. The Union “answered” with a good shot by Gacinovic who sent the ball a little out to 26′, but then the good times were minimal in both dorms. It is characteristic that the next goal opportunity came at 45′, with Ese unable to score with strong shots from the boundaries of the Piraeus area. Olympiacos reached even closer to the goal, with Pontense pulling El Kaabi across from Athanasiadis, but AEK’s goalkeeper warding off the ball in the te-a-tet and keeping his focus intact. The two teams thus went 0-0 to the locker room and in the second part the image of the match remained the same, with AEK and Olympiacos looking for the goal, but with problems in the final effort. The Union “screamed” about a overthrow of Levi Garcia in the region, but the Piraeus team was again the ones who had the chance to score. Martins on two occasions failed to score, while in 83′ Chikinio reached even closer to the goal with Athanasiadis saying “no” again and Jovetic shooting in the development of the phase barely out of a good position in the area. Montenegro also had a missed shot shortly after and AEK “punished” the Pirates for lost opportunities. In the first minute of the delays, Eliasson left in the empty space, defeated Jollakis with an ideal frame and made 1-0 in the match. The Union also had a goal with Amabbat that did not count for offside, but also a beam with Chuber at contact, but in which there was again offside. Essentially in its first good moment, that is, in the second half, she found the “gold” goal and celebrated a big win that brings her back to the top of the Super League 1 rating. The compositions at AEK – Olympic AEK: Athanasiadis – Rota (77’ Ponce), Vida, Mukudi, Hajishafi – Simanski (70’ Mandalos), Jonson, Pineda – Amrampat (70’ Eliason), Gacinovic (70’ Tsuber)– Garcia (86’ Ljubic) Olympiacos: Jolakis – Rodinay, Rechos, Karmo, Ortega – Esse, Chikinio (90’+3’ El Arabi) – Masura (61’ Zelson), Fortunis (79’ Jovets), Podense – El Kavaro.