Weather: African dust returns and temperature rises

The , after a short “break” returns from Monday (31/3/24) with scientists batting “battles” of danger mainly for vulnerable population groups. In combination with heat, the atmosphere is expected to become stifling at times, in areas of Greece due to African dust. The concentration of dust passing over our country is such that… it can even be seen from space. Impressive are the images published by Clearchos Marousakis. “The first dust clouds are Lampedusa and Crete, then comes the Peloponnese and then the other countries of Europe,” the professor of physics of the atmosphere Christos Zerefos told ERT. Scientists recommend that vulnerable groups limit their movements to the hours predicted for large dust concentration. “The weather conditions favour the transport of African dust” says the weather forecast by the IMI for Monday (1/4/24). The temperature is expected to rise further, reaching the islands and their seaside 25 to 27 degrees, in the rest of their country 27 to 29 and locally on their eastern mainland 30 to 31 degrees Celsius! For Tuesday weather conditions again favour the transport of African dust with small concentrations, gradually the dust will be limited to the east. The temperature, although it will drop slightly to the northwest, where it will reach 21 to 23 degrees, will be maintained at high levels for the season and will reach the eastern mainland and Crete 27 to 30 degrees Celsius. Maximum record temperatures in the last days of March Meanwhile, the very high maximum temperatures recorded in the last 4 days (28 to 31/4/24), were in many regions record values for the month of March. The following map shows the 70 areas in Greece, where the maximum temperature value of the last 4 days of the month is a new maximum temperature record for the month of March. The selection of stations was made by weather stations of the network of automatic weather stations of / National Observatory of Athens starting in 2010 and before. 70 stations recorded a temperature record for March month, out of 128 operating uninterruptedly since before 2010.