Eleonora Study: I see young girls filtered and say “Jesus”

“It’s very excruciating not to like yourself,” said the .Eleonora Study did not stand and burst into the air of the show “Mega Morning”, on the occasion of the filters. “We are talking about absolute rejection of yourself. This is serious. Well, I’m sad because I think it must be too painful not to like yourself at all. I’m telling Mrs. Patoulis, but also the young girls to throw this thing off them. If you like yourself, you have the courage to show him the way he is. What I am, I have to love to be happy. It’s a wrong dream to want to be something you’re not. A dream is to love what you really are, to feel good,” said Eleonora Study. Eleonora Study then said: “All women fall into the trap of social media, this is a terrible trap. I see young girls filtered and say “Jesus”. What damage do they do to their souls with all that potion they use? For me a committee should be set up, put a meter and a brake on all that crap that’s going on out there online.”