Economou didn’t want to see Pawnee’s yellow jacket because of AEK: “Passing to us Olympics”

The color of the jacket of Matina Pagoni did not… especially liked Dimitris Economou, due to its prevalence of 1-0 in OPAP Arena. AEK defeated Olympiacos 1-0 and OPAP Arena’s derby was discussed by the friend of the Reds, Dimitris housekeeper, on his show on SKEI. Matina Pagoni’s jacket was the occasion for this discussion to begin. In the mood for a joke, Dimitris Economou said to Matina Pagoni: “This color is not good that you put on today because it looks like yellow”. “We don’t like yellow today because of AEK”, continued the presenter, known for his love for Olympiacos. “Did you have a good time yesterday?” Vangelis Papadimitriou said wanting to hurt him. “ I saw the vase yesterday and then I fell asleep. I didn’t want to see anything else and I woke up this morning and saw a message from a friend from a facebook page “here only genuine AEKtzis” and he presents AEK as Popai who has eaten the spinach and thrown one at Olympiacos who, as you can see, is a giant. Well, one in a million can do that. Have fun in our Olympics, again next year, to be healthy,” Dimitris Economou added.