Premier League warned its teams about possible terrorism

In an effort to keep the teams alert, the letter sent and calls on them to pay particular attention to the possibility. The terrorist act in Russia a few days ago – with 137 victims – seems to have alarmed the Premier League, with the host Authority concerned about the possibility of terrorist activity on one of its teams’ courts. DailyMail reveals that the Premier League sent a letter to its teams asking them to have special attention from now on in each game. As noted by the report of the English website , this document was sent in the previous days of the group , ahead of Easter Sunday for Catholics (31.03.2024). The Premier League has written to clubs to warn them of the potential of a terror attack after the picking assault on a Moscow concert hall that killed at least 137 people. (Source: ) — Transfer News Live (@DeadlineDayLive) In fact, the League pointed out to the teams that it would like to maintain this foreplay in their next games, both on and off the ground.