Do You Have A Ferrari? See if it is between those that recalled the Italian firm

Could I pass as ‘Exceptional’ why are interested thousands of Greeks owners of this brand (lol), but I didn’t want you to panic day! All the…
Ferrari California T, which were constructed in the period between 8 September and 11 November are withdrawn directly towards restoration of construction failure.
These cars may experience low pressure in the supply network, which is not, of course, connected to the probe power on pump gasoline, with a risk of fire.
The recall was initiated by the us National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration. The Ferrari, with documents submitted to the NHTSA, attaches to the structural failure of a component manufactured by a supplier.

The California T in America costs $231.606 (€211.016) in accordance with the Car Guide. More than 50 dealers from Beverly Hills in California to Philadelphia, received a notice to stop sales of the car on 23 November. The Ferrari tipped off the 185 owners about the potential risk of failure, while the dealer will rectify the problem of low pressure in the supply line unduly. The withdrawal began on 14 December.