Dimitris Kokotas: “He was killed before his time,” says his partner

The singer’s health anxiety continues who remains in ICU after cardiac arrest. Although his state of health remains stable after the heart attack, his close friend and collaborator Dimitris Kokotas Nektarios Reader spoke on the show “Super Katerina” about false reports saying that the singer has already left life. “It’s tragic, everyone sits and writes things that don’t exist. Right now his condition is critical, he’s stable. Nothing written is true. The doctors are still waiting to see how things are going. Will they kill us before our time? We’ll all die sometime when our time comes. Everyone writes what they want. The situation is stable. There are no things they say he left life and they don’t. Let’s respect, it’s a delicate matter. Doctors do what they can,” said Mr. Readers. “It is not possible to write these right and left, man is a family man. Instead of sitting around dealing with more serious things. Like health there’s nothing in the world but you can’t say things that don’t exist. They respect neither the family nor the same person,” Dimitris Kokotas’ partner stressed.