Public: How to make real estate auctions with a mortgage in favour of the Treasury

A new regime provides for the Treasury bill, which came yesterday (01.04. 24) in public consultation on those who are subject to mortgage in his favour. The new provision for real estate auctions provides that the Deposits and Loans Fund has all the imperfections, judicial, administrative, financial and procedural privileges granted to the State. Exemptions provided for in favour of the State, from the parabola for the exercise of judicial remedies, for the contribution to the Fund for the Financing of Judicial Buildings, for the judicial stamp of copies and for the rights for leased mortgages, also apply to the Treasury and Loan Fund. The provisions of the Public Revenue Recovery Code shall apply to the recovery of its claims and in general its revenue. The Deposits and Loans Fund has on forced auctions the privileges of the State. Anyone who has an auction on the basis of the Code of Civil Procedure on a mortgage in favour of the Deposits and Loan Fund shall notify the Central Bureau of the Fund, 20 days before the auction is carried out, a copy of the auction programme or the extract of the impounding report or the declaration of continued auction.