Giannis Brutsis: “From April 9 the identity of the stadiums starts, but there will be a transitional stage” – In detail the new entry system

The measures to deal with fans’ violence continue, with the Deputy Minister of Sports, to announce the start of the identity for entry into Greek. Giannis Brutsis, along with the Minister of Digital Governance, Dimitris Papastergiou and the President of Super League 1, Minas Lysandros, announced the new data, with the new system of entry into the stadiums, and then presented again in detail the process that the fans will need to follow in order to find themselves on the platform. The Deputy Minister of Sports, however, stressed that there would be a transitional stage until the law of self-determination was fully implemented. The new entry system on the stadiums From 9 April 2024, the entrance to the Greek courts will take place with the new identity system, which can be seen in detail in . No change in the purchase of tickets, but now the ticket will be “stored” in Wallet or otherwise in the digital wallet, which must be downloaded to their mobile, all fans. Those who have not yet downloaded Wallet on their mobile phone, there is a prerequisite! In order to download Wallet, they must have previously been registered on the National Communication Register – E.M.E., “entering” into and registering their necessary contact details. The procedure is simple and the details they will need to register are the following: • mobile phone number, • e-mail address, • fixed telephone number, • postal address and full contact address, if different from the residence address. The initial entry is made through the option ‘Mobile Phone Number Statement-Confirmation’ and a single-use code (One Time Password) is sent with sms, which they import to verify the possession of the mobile phone number. It follows a confirmation of the holding of the mobile number by a credit institution of which they are e-banking users or by a mobile service provider. Where the mobile phone number has not been confirmed by either a credit institution or a mobile service provider, the person concerned may go to JEPs or a paid consular authority to indicate his contact details. As regards minors who have completed their 15th year of age, they may enter their contact details in E.M. As long as they also have a Tax Register (VAT). The rest of the process of entering the land stands has been designed in the standards of friendly services already used in recent years by the Ministry of Digital Governance. It is easy and complete in just three simple steps: 1) We are buying our ticket, just as we have done to this day! 2) After buying our ticket, we enter Gov .gr Wallet and type or scan our ticket code, which is automatically added to our digital wallet. 3) After choosing our ticket, the QR code or barcode appears, which is now on our Wallet and we will need it to enter the stadium. From the start of the implementation of the new way of entering the stadiums, on April 9th and until the end of the current season, fans will be able to enter the competition venues with both their ticket to Wallet, and the way it is valid until today. The statements of the responsible Yannis Brutsis (Deputy Minister for Sports): “The government has shown from the outset determination on an issue that the whole society had agreed to so that we could have greater security on football fields. The last sports law begins to deliver positively because the fans themselves who want safe stadiums and open courts are contributing at the same time. I appreciate that at some point we’ll be seeing fans of both teams on the field, but we’re not going from A to Z. They need steps, they’re done and they’re a feat. We’re watching derby and seeing the image change. The fans themselves along with the FC guard their teams. We took decisive action, showed that we were unwavering despite the reactions at first. The first step was to pass the law, the second the cameras. Greece now has one of the most modern stadiums in the world in terms of security. The headquarters of the final Cup that did not have cameras are an exception. Now we’re going to the next step of identity. Today we agreed to go to a transitional adjustment stage. From 9/4 starts the next step, with the new modern methodology. In the transitional stage the identity law will apply, but the old system will also apply, so that everyone will adapt to the old system.” Dimitris Papastergiou: (Minister of Digital Governance): “In complete cooperation with the Undersecretary of Sports and Super League we start from 9/4. Through Wallet we put our ticket in a very easy way. If we haven’t figured out the system yet or we haven’t downloaded the Wallet, we continue to enter the field with the ticket paper and the way we’ve been entering so far, with an identity check at the entrance. Fans have only one step to take down Wallet, more than half the Greeks have been written. The entry of the season or single ticket is simple. Instead of employing hundreds or thousands of police officers on the field, identification is done electronically. In the new season we think of several other things, such as the issue of ticket transfers. For young children, if they are under 15 years of age, he enters with the identification of his parent or guardian, if he is over 15, he can alone.” Minas Lysandrou (President Super League): “I should thank the two ministers for their excellent cooperation. We have fulfilled the steps with surgical precision and we see it on the courts. If what we have planned doesn’t work, the measures remain in the drawers. Football is actively and effectively involved. Even the debate that led to this transitional period shows that all sides want the same thing. Objective is the best possible result”.