Dimitris Kokotas: Critical hours for the singer after the heart attack – Remains at the ICU

He remains intubated in the ICU after the heart attack and arrest he suffered during the rehearsals of the J2US show. Information wants Dimitris Kokotas to fight at the ICU since his condition remains critical and stable as reported in the show “Stuntio with View” on Saturday morning (30.03.2024), who was found at the hospital where the singer is hospitalized. The well-known performer was taken emergencyly to Gennimatas hospital after a severe illness he felt last Thursday afternoon at the time he rehearsed with Trajana Anania for their appearance at J2US. Dimitris Kokotas’ family environment states that there is an improvement in his health condition and they expect how the next 24 hours which are particularly critical will evolve. The news surprised and alarmed the associates, relatives and fans of the performer. As Dimitris Kokota’s wife and mother stated, he did not have a health issue that justified his condition.