A 51-year-old arrest for shooting police officers at Paiania Avenue

In the arrest of a 51-year-old the police went on Thursday morning (28.3.2024) as a warrant had been issued against him for attempted murder on the . Specifically, on the evening of Thursday 8 February the 51-year-old alien reportedly opened fire against police officers on Paiania Avenue at the time he was trying to rob a company in Koropi. On the afternoon of February 8, officers of the D.A. Group. They went to a company in Koropi, on a signal from the Center for Direct Action for a theft incident. Reaching the point and taking a perimeter check of the company, the police spotted a person moving on foot, covering the features of his face. At the sight of police officers the man opened fire towards them, without fortunately injuring them. The 51-year-old was arrested on Thursday night and prosecuted in addition to attempted homicide at the expense of police officers, charged with continuing theft, violation of the law on dependant substances, arms and aliens and violation of personal data. Police officers of the Southeastern Attica Sub-Directorate identified 51-year-old as the perpetrator of attempted homicide against police officers and attempted theft, but also for theft at the same company he had committed, along with accomplices on January 13. In an investigation at his home and in the possession of the 51-year-old were found, among others, seized: clothing he used when performing the above acts, 4 cameras, grappling and 5.5 grams of raw cannabis. It is noted that the defendant has previously been convicted of drug trafficking, while lacking legal documents for his stay in our country. The arrest was taken to the competent prosecutor.