Eggenakis: No pesticide residues have been detected in imported nuts

It goes on to regular and exceptional to establish the appropriateness of food imported into Greece. In this context there are also checks on imported nuts from Chile, Ukraine and the USA, without being detected in any of the samples taken, pesticide residues. The Department of Plant Protection Products of the Plant Production Directorate of the Ministry of Rural Development and Food is responsible for checks. As is known in 2023 the competent agency proceeded to 20 samples of walnuts last year. Of these, half concerned imported nuts (e.g. Ukraine, Chile, U.S.A.) and were carried out at both the border and the internal market (retail stores and sorting/processing points). The results of the analyses showed that no samples of imported walnuts tested detected pesticide residues. As regards checks to be carried out in 2024 on walnuts, the service has planned a total of 18 samples. See in detail, her.