Dimand: Profit before tax of EUR 17,0 million in 2023

Its announced pre-tax profits of 17.0m euros for 2023 against losses of 5.1m euros of 2022. According to the Dimand Group Communication, 2023 is characterised by strong operating performance, with an increase of EBITDA by 170% from 7.1m euros in 2022 to 19,2m euros in 2023. On 31.12.2023, the total portfolio developed and managed by the Group (through the Company, subsidiaries and joint ventures – AuM) includes 20 investment projects in various stages of integration, in urban areas throughout Greece, with office, logistics, residential and hotel complexes, luxury houses and mixed uses. In addition, the total estimated gross growth value (GDV) at their completion amounted to around EUR 1,194,9 million (31.12.2022: 19 investment projects with GDV 915,2 million). The fair value of the Group’s real estate investments (including stocks) amounted to EUR 31.12.2023 at EUR 167.5 million compared to EUR 97.0 million in the respective period last year and the fair value of the investments in joint ventures amounted to EUR 53,2 million at EUR 37,3 million respectively. Cash flow and equivalent amounted to EUR 12,4 million in 2023 compared to EUR 10,0 million in 2022, while the Group’s net lending amounted to EUR 67,0 million in 2023 compared to EUR 35,8 million in 2022. During the use of 2023, the group and the company continued to implement their investment program, ensuring important properties such as: the acquisition of an industrial complex (formerly facilities of the Athens Papermaking plant) on a plot of approximately 49,340 sq.m. enclosed by the Streets of Paperworkers, Sacred Street and St. Polycarpus in the Botanical area of the Municipality of Athens, in which, based on the business plan, a modern mixed-use complex will be developed, in accordance with the standards of the LEED certificate for high-energy bioclimatic buildings, the acquisition of properties of the historic building of the former Minion department store in Omonia, which will host offices and shops with specifications based on the standard system of sustainable development LEED, while in an autonomous building on the streets of Doros and Sabriandos, will be created, contributing to the revival of the city centre. Implementation of the Strategy – Perspectives 2024 The positive results of the public offer in the context of the introduction of the Company’s shares to be traded on the regulated Athens Stock Exchange market for the use of 2023 are expected to continue to be assisted in the use of 2024. In particular, the use of the funds raised to repay a comparatively high cost loan and the implementation of the Company and the Group’s investment programme led, on the one hand, to a reduction in financial costs and, on the other hand, to a return on the use of 2023, a trend that is expected to be reinforced in the use of 2024. Within 2024 the Group looks forward to the completion of the development and the start of exploitation of projects, such as Pyrgos Piraeus, the country’s first “green” skyscraper, the new emblematic offices of PWC in Maroussi, the first bioclimatic business park at the western gate of Thessaloniki and the commercial and office uses of the historic building of the former Minion department store in Omonia. Finally, he wants to expand his portfolio by securing important properties, always ensuring the best environmental cover standards for the buildings he develops, implementing high energy efficiency and low environmental footprint properties, adapted to the needs and sustainability strategy of modern businesses.