Conor Gallagher of Chelsea refused to give his hand to a black boy and is accused of racist behavior

A number of reactions in England. Against Connor Gallagher public opinion, watching her player not greet a black boy. Chelsea’s midfielder, Connor Gallagher, is accused of racism, as – as he appears on video released on social media – he refuses to give his hand to a black kid in the blow of “Stamford Bridge” before the team’s game with Burnley begins. Connor Gallagher seems to be shaking hands with a little boy but glaringly ignoring the black kid who was in front of him and reaching out to him. Chelsea’s player touched the kid on his back, ignored it, and started looking behind him, to go to the boy he had just greeted with a handshake. Blatant racing from Chelsea captain Conor Gallagher And some people are still defusing him. ” He did’t see his hand.” Smh — Voice Of Our Ancestors Channel (@VoiceOfOurAnces) Gallagher’s attitude caused major reactions on social media, with a number of people blaming him for an absolutely racist move.