Christina Applegate for multiple sclerosis: My legs are done.

Christina Applegate, has spoken openly about her life with . This time on a new podcast recorded a few months ago she said she had relapsed and had a hard time since as she admitted she could not walk or take a shower. The 52-year-old actress, Christina Applegate, we met through the television series “Married with Children”, referring to her battle with multiple sclerosis admitted that: “My legs were never so bad, so I don’t know what’s going on,” explained the actress. “ I have no energy. The legs are just finished. I can’t have blood circulation. I can’t make them stop hurting.” She also confessed that the pain in her legs is “so intense”, that even simple activities like going to the bathroom, were impossible for her. When filming the podcast, Applegate remembered that “she could not walk to the bathroom without feeling she would fall”. She also described strange sensations such as a tingling under the waist and blinking of the eyes that prevent her from sleeping: “I haven’t slept 24 hours because my eye does something weird, every time I turn them off to sleep the right one starts to shake.” Physical symptoms also burdened her mental health, as she added, recently sinking her into a deep depression after a vacation period. To emphasize how unbearable the pains he felt were, he admitted not taking a shower for three weeks and was simply using local cleaning products. Photo source: RES-AE “I haven’t showered in three weeks, because I can’t stand in my shower. There is no way I can stand in my shower,” he added. Applegate announced the diagnosis of multiple sclerosis in August 2021 and called the condition as the “worst thing that has happened throughout her life”. A spokesman for “Bad Moms” star told People that the recent episode of the actress’ podcast was filmed “months ago” and Applegate passed the relapse phase. However, it is not clear whether the actress recorded the podcast before or after her appearance walking with a stick at Emmy 2024 in January. Information from Dailymail