Digital transformation in EOPY: What applies to the delivery of medicines for 5 conditions

He changes and dynamically enters his digital era through a single . The administrator of EOPY Theano Karpotine described in the RES – ICM the basic changes in the digital change of EOPY. In “rails” of implementation is the digital transformation of EOPY through the website. The main axis of this project is to strengthen transparency through the provision of valid and real-time financial information provided by the new Economic Management System, but also the direct and real-time control of medical operations. EOPY in the digital era “Through a single portal we enrich the digital services provided to both providers and citizens. At the same time, we improve interoperability with third systems such as the Interface with the National Electronic Health Envelope (EPH) and the Service bus, which provides stakeholders with the necessary information for interconnection,” explains Mrs. Karpotini. In completing the project, he adds, the benefit will be to reduce administrative and management costs through the intangible submission of providers, but also to increase the effectiveness of the Agency. The project, amounting to EUR 40 million, is within the timetable and is expected to be completed in February 2026. Digital transformation is financed entirely by the Recovery and Durability Fund, as part of the broader Action on Digital Transformation in the Health sector. ‘Digital Transformation’ includes two sub-projects: The provision of supply, development, software configuration and other supporting systems and related services. The Support Services for Users, Quality Assurance and Technical Support for the project of the “Digital Transformation of EOPY”. “We thus create a modern institution that makes the most of all digital possibilities by providing direct and quality health services to insured persons, controlling costs and responding to their needs in the best possible way,” the Agency’s administrator points out. Mrs Carpodine explains that “patients will have their personal digital file, which will contain in digital form their hospitals, medicines and treatments that have followed. For all of us in EOPY there is a leading factor, called a patient. We serve him primarily,” he notes. Home delivery of medicines for five serious diseases EOPY has designed and piloted the home delivery of medicines of five serious diseases to patients who wish to. “In this way we facilitate insured people by taking medicines at home, improving compliance with the prescribed medication by saving public resources and reducing hospitalisation due to non-compliance or risk of discontinuation of treatment,” Mrs Carpodine stresses. According to the Ministerial Decision, beneficiaries for home service are patients receiving medication with proprietary medicinal products for the treatment of serious diseases. These drugs do not require a refrigerator during transport and concern diseases such as thalassemia, motor neurone disease, pulmonary hypertension, cystic fibrosis and sickle cell anemia. “Our priority is to extend this service to all care recipients who want it within the year. And we have estimated that the number of patients supplying drugs from our pharmacies is about 120,000 a month. With the development of the home delivery system, through EOPY, we focus on improving the daily service of patients, extending both qualitatively and quantitatively the services provided,” concludes Mrs Carpotini.