NBA: Colin Sheckton’s stunning air spin basket was found on top of the top 10

The Houston Rockets managed to be imposed on the Utah Jazz headquarters with 101-100 and thus reached their 11th-series win in the NBA. Colin Sheckton’s home stadiums, however, will hardly be forgotten and found a position at the top of the top 10 with the top phases of the evening at . After a failed Rocket player attempt to pin, Johnny Chuzang and Colin Sheckton of the Jazz left in the race, with the first one… lifting the ball and the second succeeding in shocking basket. Sheckton stepped hard, jumped, the ball didn’t get into his hands exactly as he would like and although he seemed to try to do a backwards flip, he managed to surprise everyone. Sheckton rotated 360 degrees into the air and made the impressive lay-up, but failed to nail. This basket reached the top of the top10 of the evening in the NBA. See this post on Instagram. Results in the NBA Magic – Clippers 97-100 Wizards – Pistons 87-96 Pacers – Lakers 109-90 Hornets – Warriors 97-115 Nets – Bulls 125-108 Cavaliers – Sixers 117-114 Thunder – Sans 126-103 Heat – Blazers 142-82 2 Spurs – Nicks 130-126 Nuggets – Timberwolves 98-111 Jazz – Rockets 100-101 Kings – Mavericks 103-107