Australian billionaire built “Titanic II” with whom he dreams of sailing

A faithful and functional copy of the Titanic named “” managed to build billionaire Clive Palmer, whose dream is to sail with this second edition of the world’s most famous cruise ship. An Australian dedicated a decade building “Titanic II”. He referred to the project and explained what he hopes to achieve with it. As Palmer pointed out, his initial plans to launch the ship in 2016 were delayed due to many factors, such as finding a solution for “to incorporate all safety provisions and remain the design of the ship itself. That was much harder than we thought,” he said. “One of the problems we had with Titanic is that you have to make him safe,” Palmer clarified. “You’ll remember, in the movie ‘Titanic’ you had the guy in the web chest saying ‘Pagogun!’ That was because from the bridge, you couldn’t see over the bow. We can’t do this today. So we had to put a whole new deck on the Titanic,” he said. The pandemic also prevented the project schedule. However, Palmer does not foresee problems with future global health disasters, because Titanic II will be a “environment without Covid vaccines”. “We do not believe that people should be forced to be vaccinated,” said Palmer, who funded a lawsuit by Australian police and paramedical workers who were faced with disciplinary action because they refused to comply with the vaccination order. However, vaccinated passengers will be welcome. “We must extend our hand to love and friendship for people who are vaccinated despite side effects. We have to keep an eye on them. And they are all good people,” he said. But Clive Palmer’s greatest goal with “Titanic II” is to create a “international symbol” of peace at a time of conflict in Ukraine and Gaza and the Woke War (Suffered). Palmer first announced plans for “Titanic II” in 2012 and again in 2018. Six years later, he did it again during the briefing Press at Sydney Opera with the city’s famous port background. During the press conference he contemplated the lessons drawn from the first ship. “We think about musicians who played music as the ship, rescuers, engineers sank… we also think about Titanic and how it was designed by Irish and other designers. We also remember the thousands of lives saved from the destruction of the Titanic due to changes made to lifeboats and watertight compartments. All these things we need to appreciate as part of our culture, part of our history. The only way we can really do this is to remember this, promote it, and expose it as a value in which we can live. And we see at a time when traditional values are threatened by awakened people who believe that we are not Australians, that we do not all have the same rights… I want to eliminate these very revolutionary, very unorthodox ideas in the time of turmoil,” he said. His team distributed an 8-minute video that has existed for several years, showing the layout of the ship and how each room will look, with actors dressed in season suits. Passengers will be encouraged to be dressed in 1900s clothes, but it is not mandatory, said a spokesman. The ship will be 269 metres long and 32.2 metres wide, it will be slightly wider than the original. They can board 2,345 passengers on nine decks with 835 cabins. Almost half of them will be intended for first class passengers. Palmer wants to copy the Titanic, without tragic end and also wants world peace. “We all know how to make war. We take armies and finance wars. People know about this. But it’s much harder to make peace. To make peace, you must follow it every day,” she says in a press release.