Poseidon Avenue: Young man has been hooked on car roof – New Dangerous Challenge

It is called car surfing and it is an incredibly risky one where several people, usually young, try to transform a moving vehicle into a surfboard and balance in it. The Live News lens recorded such a dangerous challenge in Athens, with a young man lying on a roof of a car, while this is moving normally on the road. The blue vehicle is located on Poseidon Avenue. The drivers of the rest of the vehicles look stunned around them as they don’t think this is really happening. It’s one of the extreme challenges that young people through it risk their lives for… fun and views. The car moves in the middle lane of the coastal as on the roof is a man. The young man seems to have opened his hands and held from the top of each front door. From behind, they eject his feet right and left from the aeropsy and thus lean on the car as long as it continues its course as nothing happens. “A madman jumped on my car” LIVE NEWS located the driver of the particular car, who gives his own version. He says the man on the roof of his vehicle was completely unknown and that he surprised himself. “He got out of a car and we saw him climb up, I was on the move imagine. I heard a bang and then I realized there was someone upstairs. The kid didn’t know and he got out of a car anyway and went up to ours,” he said. He insists on arguing that the man we see clinging to the roof of the car was a… passing by who jumped suddenly onto the car. “He got out of a car and jumped onto ours. A madman was, a lad, we couldn’t make that time stop.” The driver of the car says he continued to drive the vehicle properly so that they wouldn’t crash until he could pull over and… go down the unknown, as he claims, young man. “If you saw it, we went slowly to go next door to park, stop him, we didn’t know the lad. Then I took him down next door and we all played slaps. We worked it out with the lad afterwards.” And after the driver says he just stopped the car came into the hands with the man who climbed the roof, then he says it was a joke. “The lad I tell you we didn’t know and he came up to us, you don’t play the whole video to see after I took him down and played punches. We got along with the lad, he was joking.” Depending videos are quite widespread abroad, with car surfing, as it is called as Challenge having even cost man’s life for a few clicks.