Bell: The dividing lines, the successors of Ears, the game shows coming and the “telegame” of Portosalte

DIN To put things, or more correctly, the terms and words into their correct dimension and meaning. Another criticism and another rudeness. Another view and other impertinence. And even bigger the dividing lines that separate satire from insult. This is to be clarified because with the above words as “significances” some go beyond the boundaries that divide them with the main purpose of gaining seconds of publicity! The sad thing is when this tactic is followed even persons who could “sell” other abilities rather than follow the line drawn by the… general in order to stay… in his “army”. That’s it… and let’s move on! The shooting of the music show of SKAI “Saturday with friends” with Christos Ferentino was completed yesterday. The original deal with Faliro’s channel was for the production of 10 episodes but due to the low flights in the ratings tables combined with the difficulties in production for finding and “closure” artists, it led the administration not to give the music show green light for more episodes. The decision has long been made and SKAI has planned to take its place on the game show “My Man Can” featuring Fanny Lambropoulos. We remain on Faliro’s channel where the executives of the information sector are looking for his “successor” . To clarify how he is looking for this season as it seems that the time position is waiting for Faye Mavroganis to move from ANT1 to SKAI, taking over the presentation of the weekend’s information show. Of course the transcript has not yet been “locked”, but the journalist will certainly be one of the strong weapons of the SKAI program. However, for the administration’s intention to broadcast Mars Portuguese I will only say this: to succeed (and) on television you must be liked… or want to break the screen because the nerves… but to watch you. And Puertosalte has managed… one way or another… to play this game! DAN DIN The original and popular in many countries game show One Question is at an advanced stage of preparation at MEGA with its executives looking for the presenter to take over. However, with the considerably fewer new productions of fiction planned to be, many actors will be willing to go through test games that next season will be more than this year. DAN DIN A… promise of “extending cooperation” that may not have been made public, but has been given… unofficially for the following season, concerns today’s quiz. So while the channel is waiting to get something specific in its hands, the other side still gives only oral evidence that may cause some laugh, but they fear it might cost them dearly! DAN DIN So the other side… vowed that soon it would give them something more tangible… and writing to make the final decision! DAN DIN DAN DIN DAN