Chalkida: The shocking video from the moment driver hits a circularist and leaves him

Creepy video-document from the released yesterday (01.04.2024), with a car hitting kai leaving an injured cyclist down the street. Shock causes the exclusive video from the moment driver hits with his car, Peugeot brand, a cyclist who drove a Beverly brand Vespa that was heading in the same direction in the opposite direction. The motorcyclist was lying on asphalt after the collision, while the driver of J.E. He fled at a dizzying speed. The “unknown” car accident has occurred 10 days ago in Chalkida. The incident occurred on Wednesday 20 March 2024 at 21:00 p.m. on Aliveriou Street, at a central point of the city and nearby from the Evia Police Directorate. At spoke exclusively the cyclist who was abandoned, Evangelos Friend, who was injured in the knee and neck but for good luck he spared the worst. In fact, as you will hear, he denounces omissions of local authorities, such as mockery from the police, and points out that he is investigating himself with his family to find the unconscious driver. As he said: “He left me there’s a video from a store next door, the police I see don’t bother… I was with a Vespa with a Beverly Tracosary, I was climbing Aliveriou, and in the 12th the school came out Peugeot black 206 as I recall well because there’s video… He beats me and abandoned me. Since then, I haven’t figured out… I went to the hospital that night, didn’t call an ambulance at the time, the police came, the police came in, recorded the incident, and then two hours later I went to the hospital because my knee and neck hurt a lot. And of course the next day my whole body with such a bang I ate. That was Wednesday night, 9:00. I’m just telling you, I can’t figure it out with anyone anymore. I, from the research I’ve done alone with my family and my children, all I know is that he was going down to Aliveriou, he didn’t go to the Arrow downstairs, he turned left, he came out to Papakyrikou, Papakyrikou doesn’t give me the cameras, so I should just tell him to get the sign… The police are making fun of me now. I’ve been there three days in a row. He tells me “we want to get paper from the hospital” and I say to them, “guys, there’s Costas the cop I saw him today… He came there, recorded it, saw what happened. And after 30 seconds, there were four people inside and I stopped them… And I say “guys crashed me a Peugeot black and left.” He hit me with at least 60 to 70 kilometers… It hasn’t been found… He passed by Papakyrikou, came down as it is Aliveriou, made a left went to Papakyrikou turned right, because I went to the taxi drivers at the bus, I searched all these blocks around…”