North Korea made a new ballistic missile test

In the launch to the Eastern Sea, also known as the Japan Sea went on or broadcasts the South Korean national Yonhap news agency, citing South Korea’s general national defence staff. According to Japan’s coast guard, the North Korean ballistic missile already fell into the sea. The new ballistic missile test is recorded before being completed two weeks after North Korean state media broadcast that country leader Kim Yong Un supervised a successful test of a solid fuel engine intended for “new type of medium-range supersonic missile”. Invoking their concerns about the progressive strengthening of North Korea and Russia’s military cooperation, the US and countries designated as its major allies in Asia intensify their cooperation in the field of national security. According to Japanese media, Washington will organise a summit of US President Joe Biden, South Korean counterpart Yoon Sok-gel and Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kisida in July, on the margins of the NATO summit in the US capital.