ASEP: 1,034 candidates took examinations for health district and hospital administrators

Examinations were passed by the prospective governors of the public , as a total of 1,034 candidates took exams through the positions of governors, deputy governors and deputy governors of the Health Regions (SGEs). The prospective administrators of hospitals took part in the skill test from the ASP, which, under the new institutional framework, is an important stage in the selection process as the first 15 candidates (with the highest score in the skill test) for each position go to the next phase. It is the first time in the chronicles used horizontally in the Greek public sector such innovative digital skills assessment tools, which are already used in more than 50 countries and international organisations, as well as by large companies internationally and in Greece. The percentage of participation in the competition “touched” 94% (participating 1,034 of the 1,01 who applied for the total 173 seats in DPOs and hospitals) which is a sound response to those who spread that the skill test will not be carried out or will work as a deterrent to the selection process At the next stage of the process will pass the first 15 candidates (with the highest score in the skill test) for each position. The division of their formal qualifications and experience qualifications will follow, and the first 7 will be invited to an interview by the competent selection committee under the ASEP. Please note that: -First, the administrators and sub-governors of the Health Regions will be selected to participate in the selection committees for the new administrations of hospitals in the country. The new institutional framework has increased the requirements for each position and strict (on-off) qualifications have been established (such as a degree and work experience in relation to the body’s activity or the exercise of management), ensuring that those selected have the necessary skills and skills to cope with their duties. – This is the first time a single call for expressions of interest has been issued for all DPOs and all hospitals in order to speed up procedures. The implementation of the new framework for the selection and evaluation of government bodies in the public sector progresses rapidly as the relevant law of the Ministry of Interior was passed by the House only in late 2023. With the new institutional framework, the administrations (presidents, vice-presidents, commanders, deputy commanders, deputy governors, directors and mandated advisers) are to be selected through the ASP to 600 public sector bodies, legal persons, public and private law. As they point out sources of the Ministry of Interior, “with the new system of selection of administrations we take another important step towards a modern and effective model of administration, according to international standards, that responds to the multidimensional challenges of our time and society’s demands, thus actively contributing to the construction of a more effective state in the service of the citizen.”