Banksy: The artist’s identity “enigma” revealed

The identity of the street artist is supposed to be a “mystery” for years since he secretly creates his works and does not appear publicly. However, who he is, has become known for 16 years and his real name is Robin Gunningham. Earlier in March Banksy created a new mural in London which is perhaps the only work that seems so clearly to be his. This mural is a tree design in intense green marking the first day of spring. This mural was rushed to vandalize by throwing white paint at her. The suspect proved to be a 67-year-old builder named George Georgiou, who boasts that he does not have a single artistic element in him. There is video from the day Robin Gunningham “Banksy”, seen on the passing camera correcting his work, holding green spray. Daily Mail, however, claims to have revealed Banksy’s identity 16 years ago through an investigation he conducted for a year. Then it was clear that Banksy is neither a riddle nor a riddle, but a 50-year-old British man. He had been confirmed that the artist grew up in Bristol suburbs, went to Cathedral School and is married to a former Labour Party researcher named Joey Millward. For decades, every move of Banksy coincided with those of Gunningham. The evidence continues to gather, including graffiti signed by Banksy, which were found in the garage of his parents’ former home – at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Peter Gunningham. However, today, several years from the appearance of the first work in its city, the myth insists that no one really knows who it might be. A torrent of intrigue and speculation welcomes every new work. With the theory that it is a junction between Scarlet Pimpernel and Robin Hood, Banksy has gained almost cult status, praising the fact that he caused the powerful to answer with the paint spray before retiring back to the urban bush. It was 2008 and Banksy had already made his name by spraying humorous art against the installed on walls throughout Britain and elsewhere. Wanting to propose a policy “severe”, he had earned world praise for paintings on the wall separating Israel and the West Bank, including images that are not trademarks such as Rage, The Flower Thrower — with a masked man who launches a bouquet — and Flying Balloon Girl. In 2006, Banksy left a inflatable doll dressed as Guantanamo’s prisoner in Disneyland, California. Another time, he hung a version of Mona Lisa – but with a smiling face – in the Louvre, looking to have fun with a mouse cat game. However, it emerged that Banksy had an unexpected advantage in maintaining his anonymity. Because he had adopted his alter ego at the young age of 14, fiction had already merged with reality and became known that most people who knew him from more recent times and had no idea of his true identity. It was just “Banksy”.