Despina Vandi – Vassilis Bisbikis: The impressive monopetro the actor donated to the singer

Rumors of a marriage proposal spread from him to the post-video in which an impressive monopetre appeared in the singer’s hand. The couple were in Rome for a short vacation and Despina Vandi did not miss an opportunity to upload videos with her beloved Vassilis Bisbiki who were walking in the Italian capital. Public interest immediately went to the monopetre worn by the singer on her left hand, with speculations about marriage becoming stronger. In the show “I Love Sooku”, on Saturday (30.03.2024), the great revelation finally became about the importance of the monopetro and why Vassilis Bisbikis made it a gift to his partner. The couple’s environment reported that it is not an engagement ring or marriage, but a gratitude ring. The actor thus wanted to express his gratitude to his companion, Despina Vandi, who was next to him in the serious health adventure he spent the previous period.