Stefanos Kasselakis sings “I get fired and I go crazy” just before taking the paper from Thebes

With the well-known song “I get fired and I go crazy” he celebrated at a well-known shop in Psyrri, the president of Syriza, who yesterday, Friday swore in Thebes. Dancing in his rhythms “I get fired and I go crazy” Stefanos Kasselakis, who yesterday had his birthday and turned 36, entertained at Psiri in the presence of friends and associates, always having his husband, Tyler. The president of SYRIZA is out of camp with a five-day inauguration permit. Upon expiry he is expected to return to Thebes, where he will get his diploma. Stefanos Kasselakis arrived at the bar at Psyrri along with Tyler and their dog Farley, after having dineed in a restaurant in the area earlier. As soon as he arrived at the bar he received questions from journalists about the European elections, the ballot and his military experience. He refused to answer anything, while typical was the moment he told a journalist “get a life”.