Ilia: The 49-year-old who had a large amount of cocaine in his house was imprisoned

Temporary prisoner was judged the 49-year-old by the , who was arrested on Monday 1 April by the Narcotics Tower DEA. In his house more than 250 grams and 115 grams were found. The 49-year-old who had hidden in various parts of his house in Elia cocaine and cannabis was apologized on Tuesday 2 April before the interrogator, who also ordered his temporary detention with the consent of the District Attorney of Primary. According to, apologizing for the 49-year-old for the felony prosecution for possession and storage of drugs reported to him, he denied dealing drugs and argued that the quantities found and seized at his home were intended exclusively for his personal use. However, his claims were not accepted and his protection was ordered. It is recalled that during the audit carried out at the 49-year-old’s house 262 grams of cocaine were seized in various forms, 115 grams of cannabis, one pistol (replica) and three electronic precision scales.