Chris Cross, Ultravox bassist, died.

He died at the age of 71 Chris Cross, who became known as a member of the new wave Ultravox. The news of the bassist’s death was announced by Minj Ur, a Ultravox singer who paid tribute to “the glue that kept the band”. “We worked together, played together, made music and directed videos together. We were friends as well as comrades with Ultravox” Ur wrote in suspension notified by the band’s account on Instagram. “Even after years apart, we managed to continue where we stopped, as in the intervening years never existed. You were the glue the band kept. You were the logic of madness and madness in our lives. It was great to meet you and I grew up with you. You are loved and I will miss you old friend.” Born Chris Allen musician died on March 25, but the news was not released until this week. Ultravox were created in London in 1974 and originally appeared under the name Tiger Lily. They managed to have a number of albums on Top 10 and 17 successful singles between 1980 and 1986, including the 1981 No. 2 single “Vienna” from the album of the same name. The song was the sixth largest single of the year in the United Kingdom and was voted the favorite number two in the country in a vote on Radio 2 and the official chart in 2013. Other band hits were “Dancing with Tears in My Eyes”, “All Stood Still” and “Reap The Wild Wind”. After a split, the band was reunited in 2008 and tourned the following year. Fans also paid tribute to social media and point out in their comments that Chris Cross was an integral part of both Ultravox schemes and a great musician. Remember some of Ultravox’s hits