And yet the tempera can help you to understand what is broken in the cistern of your

There’s something wrong with the toilet? No problem! Read below…
and see how you can locate where is the fault easily and effectively.
It is one of the most aggravating problems of the house because of the annoying sound, and especially the additional water consumption that it entails. However, before you call the plumber or take your tools from the tray, follow the steps below to locate what makes the toilet to run.
Overflow pipe If you notice that the water enters the overflow pipe even when the cistern is full, then it is probably not properly closed the inlet valve of the water in the tank with the result that the float may not work properly and, thus, is open the release valve of the water towards the basin.
Chain If the overflow pipe and the inlet valve water work properly, it is likely that the problem causing the chain. Check well, if the last are very long or very short. A short αλυδίδα may prevent the release valve from the can snaps right over the hole that works as an exit for water in the basin. On the contrary, a long chain can be jammed under the valve effect, and again, prevent the correct application. Try, therefore, to adjust the length of the chain so that the valve to apply well over the surface of the exit of the water in the basin.
Release valve The release valve water loses its elasticity over time, causing it to not work properly. This means that it may not cover well the passage release with the result that the water in the toilet tank to διοχευτεύεται constantly in the basin. To discover if the source of all evil is indeed the valve, pour a little color painting or pastry (e.x. acrylic paint) into the cistern. If you see the colored water running in the toilet bowl, then you need to replace directly the release valve.