Alumil: Investment project over 20m euros for 2024

The group grows steadily high, culminating in the first quarter of 2024, during which rapid growth is recorded , according to the group’s announcement. More specifically, in order to meet the increased sales ALUMIL runs a large investment project of more than EUR 20 million in 2024 aimed at increasing its production capacity, which includes, inter alia, the purchase of a land of 35,000 m2 and a building of 6,000 m2, next to which a new building will be erected for the housing of a 4,000-seat robotic warehouse with a provision for doubling the seats, installation of new, large capacity, robotic automatic packaging line in the purchased building. The company submitted a request for funding from the Recovery and Durability Mechanism (RRF) for the implementation of these investments of EUR 15 million. At the same time, the investment in air compressors for the drilling units, the paint shop, the foundry and the anodisation plant has already been completed. This investment, amounting to 500,000 euros, has reduced the annual electricity consumption by 1,000MWh. In addition, ALUMIL runs two other major projects: the new state-of-the-art paint shop and the new transit line, which is expected to be completed soon at its production facilities in Kilkis. At the same time, a new press (1350MT) to increase capacity has already been installed and is in operation. As far as digital transformation is concerned, the Greek multinational pioneer with the installation of an IoT platform (Industry 4.0), which will allow the interconnection of all machines in the cloud for continuous monitoring and analysis of big data. In addition, it has installed a robotic hardware management warehouse, aiming to reduce costs and improve customer service. All companies in the ALUMIL Group will soon benefit from the installation of a new SAP ERP information system, which will help improve the operation and immediate receipt of comprehensive and uniform information from the Administration. Economic health and participation in flagship projects Regarding ALUMIL’s strategic choices, it is important that new investments create many new and quality jobs, focusing on Northern Greece, an area with high unemployment. In addition to large investments and increased sales, ALUMIL’s economic health is also reflected in its continuously declining loan report, at a time when lending costs increased significantly due to the ECB’s rising interest rates. A defining role in the extroversion of the company, whose exports amount to 80% of its total sales, plays the Department of International Works, which has great expertise and experience in large-scale projects. A recent example is the presence of ALUMIL in the iconic work of Greek, which is in progress, with participation in the Centre for the Care of disabled persons, the Experience Center and the impressive skyscraper Riviera Tower. At the same time, ALUMIL places particular emphasis on sustainable development, but also on reducing its carbon footprint, investing in initiatives such as Loop 60, the first certified recycled aluminum in Greece for architectural systems profile, whose production requires 95% less energy than the production of primary aluminium. At the same time, Research and Innovation remain central pillars of its business strategy. Recently, the company achieved its participation in Horizon Europe’s innovative European RecAL programme, which aims to develop advanced recycling technologies and digital tools to promote the circular aluminium economy.