Megan Markle: Recruits her hypocritical skills to change the climate

A few hours before her announcement that she is suffering from cancer and undergoing preventive chemotherapy, she made a sweet surprise for the young patients of the Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles. Megan Markle showed her tender side by reading three of her favorite books to children by showing off her acting abilities at the Los Angeles Children’s Hospital on March 21, 2024, and while Kate Middleton is going through a very difficult period of her life due to cancer. All that attention Kate Middleton’s had lately seems to have worried Megan Markle. And that’s why she used her “criminal skills” as she visited a Los Angeles Children’s Hospital, according to the body language expert Judy James. The 42-year-old Duchess of Sussex, who lives in Montecito, appeared in a happy mood as she met with children. Specialist Judy James told that Megan managed to make every child “feel special” as she greeted it separately, while showing empathy as she became very involved with them. “Megan handed over a masterclass about body language that could actually provide us all with a vital lesson on the skills of effective and exciting communication while wearing a mask at Covid’s time”. In a video of the visit, Megan greeted the children when they gathered for the exciting reading time, enthusiastically showing the cover of the book Rosie Revere, Engineer and telling the team: “This is one of my favorites”. Megan Markle’s acting abilities were obvious, as she gestured, changed her voice sound and was quite graphic. For her appearance, Megan chose an Oscar De La Renta dress worth $3,490 (2,776 pounds). Information from Dailymail