AEK – Olympiacos: Eliasson’s “gold” goal and highlights from Super League playoff derby 1

The won a great 1–0 win over him at the OPAP Arena for the Super League 2nd playoffs 1, with Eliasson achieving the only goal of the match. With the AEK having worked it out… dark in attacking the entire game, Eliason came as a… hero from the bench as a change and in the first minute of the delays, he gave the solution, judging the big derby with Olympiacos. The Swedish extrem made a great move in the empty space and took the assist from Mandalos and with an excellent frame, defeated Jolakis, to put “fire” on the OPAP Arena and restore the Union to the top of Super League 1. Eliasson’s goal for the AEK – Olympiacos 1-0 Highlights from the AEK – Olympiacos 1-0 It is worth noting that both Eliason and Mandalos had gone to the game as changes, justifying Matias Almeidas for the game’s “read” at the end of the game.