AEK – Olympiacos: The “cerber” Athanasiadis and the lost opportunities of the Pirates

She had enough difficulty, but got the 1–0 win over him at the OPAP Arena for the 2nd Super League playoffs 1, having George Athanasiadis as the top player. The injury problem of Chican Stankovic brought back Athanasiadis under the AEK beams and he “filled” his teammate’s… shoes and above, making a terrible appearance against Olympiacos, for the second game of the playoffs. Athanasiadis prevented in at least five phases, a Piraeus goal and allowed Elisson to give victory to the Union, with the goal of delays. But he was the one who emerged as the MVP of the race, after saying “no” in a series of Olympiacos opportunities, who in turn “spent” good moments for a goal that would give him the lead in derby. Olympiacos’ opportunities and Athanasiadis’ interventions Athanasiadis thus showed ready to fill Stankovic’s gap for as long as needed in Super League 1.