Olive Land – next episodes: Isidoros asks Venus about Manos and her answer will make him sound

Shocking developments in the next episodes in “the ” to be aired from Monday, April 1, 2024 to Friday, April 5, 2024. Koula finds another lie and asks for more money from Aspasia. Margaret testifys in court and tells the best about Haido, but then is cornered by the civil suit advocate. Olive Land: Episode 130 (Monday 1 April at 21:00) The moment of Haido’s apology approaches and her agony is great. Meanwhile, Margaret convinces Lycurgus not to leave the defence of Virtue. Vasiliki and Ariadne come closer and closer, which gives great joy to Stathis and Julia. Koula finds another lie and asks for more money from Aspasia. Margaret testifys in court and tells the best about Haido, but then is cornered by the civil suit advocate. Here is the apology of Haidos where the accused relates in a moving way what happened the day he killed Sotiris Vafeas in the orange groves. Antonia and Alcmene are beaten in front of Ismene, which decides the end of their partnership. Isidoros calls Venus and asks her about Manos’ condition. Her answer will disturb him. Olive Land: Episode 131 (Tuesday 2 April at 21:00) Ismene decides to fire Alcmene and Antonia, and Constantine undertakes to help her, since Lycurgos is absorbed in the trial of Haidos. Alcmene leaves the house and finds shelter at Orestes’ house. Venus suspects that Manos takes amphetamines and informs Isidoros who asks him straight out if it is true. Vasiliki confides in Ariadne that her marriage to Philip is not going well, while at the same time identifying that something is going on between her and Christos. Koula continues to catch information from Virtue about her life and friends. At the same time, in court, the prosecutor’s statement is a catapult for Haido. Olive Land: Episode 132 (Wednesday 3 April at 21:00) Manos, furious with Venus, goes to her office and in front of Christos attacks her for what he told Isidoros about drugs. He then assures his father that he has nothing to do with substances, but Isidoros remains thinking and suspicious. Meanwhile, everyone is upset and terribly concerned about the prosecutor’s statement in court. Antonia and Alcmene join forces to face Ismene. The psychologist, stricken with Potis’ inability to understand the obvious, is driving him away. Aspasia corners Friday by telling him that Peace is considering having a family and children. Theodora, once again, returns home drunk, but Margaret no longer intends to tolerate this situation. The trial of Haido enters the final line with the pleas of civil suit and defense. Olive Land: Episode 133 (Thursday 4 April at 21:00) Lycurgus’ speech wins the impressions, but Haidos’ fate hangs by a thread. Vasiliki and Ariadne make a big surprise to Stathis, but without knowing anything about his past that makes them uncomfortable. Margaret, disappointed by Theodora’s behavior, moves into Athena’s house for a few days. Alcmene is “loaded” for another night at Orestes’ house, since she has nowhere to stay. Demosthenes wants Aspasia to return to him at all costs and plays his last card. Alcmene and Antonia are sending a court to Ismene trying to get back to work. The vote on Haido’s verdict begins and the first juror finds her guilty. Olive Land: Episode 134 (Friday 5 April at 21:40) Ariadne tries to hide from Stathis the contacts she has with Venus, as well as that she took over cook debts in the kitchen. For her bad luck, however, Stathis learns and becomes furious. Anna and the Drinker struggle to warm up their love life. Lycurgus informs Alcmene and Antonia that their partnership with Ismene is over, but they threaten to pursue it in court. Margaret visits Koula in prison and she tells her about the baker’s wife and everything she suspects. On the way back, Margaret sees the baker on a suspected date with an orange grove worker and joins the pieces of the puzzle. Directed by Andreas Georgiou Scenario: Vanna Dimitriou With Nikos Galanos Starring: Paschalis Tsarouchas, Antigone Koulukakou, Tasos Jordanidis, Dora Chrysikos, Vassilis Michas, Elena Christofis, Panikos Pilalis, Iphigenis Jola, Dionysis Papandreou and notary Maximos Moumouris, Antonia Charalambous, Alexandros Martidis, Stefanis Charalambous, Giannis Kritos, Antigone Neofytou, Angeliki Kintoni, Melina Konti, Life Gerazi, Naya T. Karakostas, Vaso Paul, Nicole Christodoulos, Nikos Koss, Miltos Charovas, Irene Tassos Tassos Orestes, George Angelopoulos Angeliki, little Cleo and: Stella Fyrogenis Koulis Nikolaos Vassia Panagopoulos Friendly participation, Angela Gerekou Lykourgos, George Partsalakis In the role of Margaret, Lydia Koniordou Guest star, Maro Kondu Production Run: MAKE IT PRODUCTIONS Production: ALTER EGO MASS MEDIA S.A. MEGA 2022-2023.