A celebration of love, a celebration of power, a celebration of joy…

Wednesday 2 December is a day that we’re late to forget, is the day held the feast, the feast of the Bridge of life for the DISABLED in the Western Sector, which took care of our heroes to etch indelibly in our hearts. A celebration of love, a celebration of power, a celebration of joy…
More specifically, in a particularly hot area, in the hall of the town hall of Haidari, the young people of the Bridge of life, with the help of volunteers pinned down the audience by presenting only a sample of their capabilities in a variety of activities such as drama therapy, dancing, singing and baking.
Maintaining a steady interest in the world, offered some of the magic of uniqueness.
Honoured us with their presence and we thank them very much :
P. Τζόκας Αντιπεριφεριάρχης In The Western Sector
M. Σελέκος Mayor Of Haidari
K. North Wind Vice-Mayor Of Technical Services Haidari
E. Λυμπουσάκη-Georgiadis Vice-Chair Rep. Council Haidari
B. Ντηνιακός Create. Advisor to the Head of the combination of “Haidari again”
Th. Spiliopoulos, Theodoros Rep. Advisor to the Head of the “Citizens in Action” Haidari
E. Hot – Create. Counselor Haidari
Nettle – Create. Counselor Haidari
E. Eggman Advisor to the Minister of the Interior Here. Κουρουμπλή
B. Τσαβαλιά Special Advisor Region for Disability issues
F. Κουγιουμτζής – Create. Advisor to Head of the Active Citizens For the REVERSAL in the Pigeon
P. Papadopoulos – Create. Advisor of the faction Active Citizens For the REVERSAL in the Pigeon
P. Μουκοβίνας – Create. Adviser of the party in the Dove All – REVERSAL
C. Βαθιώτης – Create. Consultant Peristeri
C. Λημβαίος – President ΕΣΑΜΕΑ
Famous – Former Commander Of K.E.PERS.
B. Konstantinopoulos – Rep. Federation Of The Disabled
P. Antonakos – Representative of the company Sklavenitis
K. Ματιάτου – NGO NEXUS
E. Καλιμάνη – NGO Sharing
I. Nikolopoulos – Prime Pastry
E. Michas – Prime Pastry
A. Σμετόπουλος – President Bridge
M. Larentzaki-Gioni – Author – Journalist
P. English – President annex Peristeri Red Cross
Delegation To States – Red Cross Annex Peristeri
The President OF the ASSOCIATION of DISABLED people of HOPE
N. Anastasopoulos – President A. The. Peristeri
M. Paschalis – Chairman Τριτέκνων Haidari
N. Χατζηαθανασίου – Leader System Scout Peristeri
K. Βενετσάνος – Actor
A uniqueness that lies in the authenticity, spontaneity, and the efficiency of their character. In short, we tapped on a journey of their own by giving a life lesson to those who believe that autism and mental retardation are inhibitors of socialization and creativity ,namely, inhibitors for life.
Still, the celebration is not only limited to the presentation part of the activities of the child, as one-sided and from other events as it were the dance of two highly talented pairs of C. Roussos M. Elefanti , & C. Christakis, K. Γκουζούλη especially for the choreography of the song of the Bridge of Life (different) offering us a wonderful sight,
but and awards of all persons and companies who have stood beside us in this effort to do a little bit better the lives of these young people.
Finally, after the end of the celebration there was a buffet for the guests but also the possibility of support of the Bridge life by purchasing cup cakes, and calendars with recipes from our children.
Thank you for the valuable and substantial help of our volunteers, as well as the POLICE DIRECTOR of WESTERN ATTICA, the
& A. Alexandrakis – an Interpreter Sign for the precious help.
Banality tends to be the view that all of us have a stock power which manifests itself when we really need it.
And yet, the above phrase is not a verbal extravagance for us; for the children of our own this stock manage to magnify every day, having a dire need to earn their own daily struggle, a struggle of life…