7 signs that indicate that he’s not ready for marriage

He’s crazy about you, sure, but that doesn’t mean he’s ready to put a ring in your right, at least, not so fast. New research reveals that men are waiting longer to get married compared to previous years.
In fact, according to recent statistics from the U.S. Census bureau, 64% of men aged 25-29 have never been married, in contrast with only 19% of men in 1970.
What does this mean for you going on the second half of the decade of 20 and do you see threatening the first ada coming? I guess you’ll have to wait, is the answer. How will you know that your good is not ready for marriage?
Can’t get big decisions
The reluctance of the wedding may not have anything to do with you, but with his professional concerns. If he can’t, let’s say, to decide what career you will follow, or if he wants to live in Greece or abroad, you probably do not want to make such a big step in his personal life.
When he speaks of the future not refer to you
In 10 years from now dreams of becoming the ceo of the company that will create, with a huge yacht, and owns a dog called Simba. Extremely! It may be ambitious, or just a dreamer. None of the two is not bad, but if in the plans, there is no place for you, then there is a problem. Even if he’s joking around the topic, and again is a bad sign.
Not asking for the long-term objectives of your
Once again, if you don’t adjust the goals of the on your people, apparently, does not envisage a common life. I don’t have to account for every detail, but if she shows no interest for the future and your dreams, it’s probably because you didn’t see yourself in it.
Don’t manage conflict well
Relationships require daily effort and struggle, to maintain. But when fighting is behaving completely irrationally, and every time you try to understand what went wrong, and it bothered him so much? He gets angry too, or is emotionally closed? If he loses his temper, even during small disagreements, it’s not a good sign for any of the larger conflicts that may come in the future.
Every time you see romantic comedies, it becomes a clown
You don’t have to cry every time he sees the Titanic, but if the height of the film he smirks, mocks, or sends a message to your best friend, then I guess you’re not the Rose.
Avoids family gatherings
If you don’t want to attend the anniversary for 25 years of marriage of your parents, then you probably don’t see them as future in-laws.
To criticise
I don’t like wearing very often pink? Or that it will take a few days off to go for a trip with friends? Or that you spent 150€ for a dress? If he disapproves of all the time these little things, then he’s not ready for bigger. You deserve something better!