Zelensky for the Odessa explosion: “You must be sick to hit a few hundred meters from the Greek Prime Minister”

“You must be sick to hit with a cruise rocket a few hundred meters from the Greek Prime Minister,” Volodimir Zelenski said about Vladimir Putin in the “shadow” of the explosion during Kyriakos Mitsotakis’ recent visit to Odessa. Speaking to a French television station and referring to the Russian attack in Odessa, just a few meters from the Greek mission, with Kyriakos Mitsotakis, Volodimir Zelensky wondered, asking about Vladimir Putin’s intentions: “Did he want to shoot me or did he have any other intention?”. In particular, a journalist from the French television station BFM asked the Ukrainian president the following question: “Last week, when you were in Odessa on the side of the Greek Prime Minister, there was a hit with a rocket a few hundred meters away from you. Do you think Putin attempted to kill you?”. In response, Zelensky said: “Did he want to shoot at me or did he have any other intention? I think it doesn’t matter today.” What is truly a disgrace, he continued Ukrainian President, is “that we are at war against Russia and when we welcome the leader of another country, a member state of the EU and you are attempting something that may be dangerous and you hit a cruise rocket within a hundred meters of this leader, I think you must be really sick.” “And as you ask me what Putin’s goals are, I think it is someone who has lost touch with the real world. I believe that [his goal] is destruction by every means in Ukraine and everything that is alive in Ukraine,” he concluded.