Super League 1 made known the tie criteria in playoffs and playoffs

Her playoffs began, with the “fights” for winning the league and leaving Europe continuing at an unabated pace and with four teams being only five points away. Super League 1 has thus rushed to inform about the tie criteria, in case everything is judged on the… thread, both the playoffs and the playoffs about the stay and relegation from the first category of Greek football. The update by Super League 1 In case of a team tie in the Stoiximan Super League Playoffs and Stoiximan Super League Playouts, then for teams tied, the ranking criteria, in order, are as follows: – The total of the points each scored in all the games of the Championship (in the Normal Season and Playoffs/Playouts cumulatively). – The score difference each team has between the re-iso-grade teams in all of them between the Championship games (in the Normal Season and the Playoffs/Playouts cumulatively). – The position each team occupied among the re-iso-grade teams in the Championship Normal Season.