Zakynthos: “Fake” the complaint of murder of a dog in Zakynthos

He was spotted alive and she discusses the evidence revealed after the complaint made by the animal owner… Zakynthos again in the epicenter after overturning data in the case, which had caused anger on the island. Starring two men who fought and after their fight, each denounced each other for the execution of his dog with a gun. But as found out, the crime never happened. The dog was spotted alive in his owner’s house and now changed the indictment for the 35-year-old Swiss. Criminal prosecution for arms and arms was brought by the Attorney of Defects of Zakynthos against the 35-year-old foreigner, a resident of the island. He had been denounced by a fellow officer for killing his hunting dog, but which appeared late last night at his owner’s house. The complaint had been made by the owner of the animal, at the police department of Zakynthos yesterday morning, after the oral argument of the two men.