Kasselakis v. ND for “anti-constitutional business with universities – supermarkets” – His 7 proposals

For “unconstitutional business with – supermarket” the president of SYRIZA blames the government with a new video in an Instagram post. In the same video Stefanos Kasselakis quotes SYRIZA’s proposals for the public university. More detailed, as he mentions in his post, these are: 1. Double teaching staff in order to reach the EU average in the teacher-student ratio. 2.Establishment programme everywhere. Establishing student dormitories with funding from public revenue from the short-term lease industry. 3. Double the funds given to universities for research. Because without research, the university cannot be linked to the labour market. 4.Discount of rent for student housing from taxable income. – For rents up to 500€. See this post on Instagram. – For family income up to 60,000 euros. – Benefits: 150,000 families. – Financial cost: 225,000,000 €. 5.Creating self-governing pillars of foreign university programs within Greek universities. This will bring prestigious universities to Greece. “Don’t Famellu proposals express him?” Meanwhile, in response, the Maximus Mansion wonders, “doesn’t the positions of Socrates Famellus express Stephen Kasselakis?”. “As Socrates Famellus speaks in Parliament he uploads videos for the bill. He is not expressed by Mr. Famellus’s positions,” he says characteristic sources from Maximus.