Yiannis Morjos: I was never interested in being rich, I just wanted to make a decent living

“I never sought the commercial theater. But it depends on what you play and how you play it,” said .An interview with Espresso and Nicos Nikoliza was given by Giannis Morjos. The well-known actor responded about the fact that he did not make cinema, but also about his career on television. You’re considered by the quality actors… I never sought the commercial theater. But it depends on what you play and how you play the play. Because many times quality theater is commercial. I always liked to play all the great writers and tragic. Why didn’t John Morjos play in the old Greek cinema? Those of us in the art theater didn’t have time to make a movie. All day long we had to be in rehearsals and performances. So he wouldn’t leave us any time. At some point I dared make a movie. I was asked by a producer to go to Little Hollywood, Caningos Square. I go to his office and we start talking. All the time we talked he coughed and spit. At some point I say to him “are you sick?” and he answers me “no, out of habit”. I got sick and I never stepped again, so I missed the opportunity to make a movie. Some other suggestions I had had to leave the theater to go film outside Athens, which I did not allow to myself. Television? I did television in the mid – 80 ’ s. But I did important work that I wanted to leave my mark on. How does an actor like you only make a living from the theater, while most of them played in both cinema and television at the same time? I never cared about being rich. I just wanted to live decently and feel quiet about what I did right in my professional sector. That’s why when I left the art theater, I became intensely involved in television. My first television work with the play “Hatzeemmanuel”, I think, has left an era. That’s where I made money and channeled it into my theater business. Were you afraid of being burned by your great exhibition? I’ve always tried to keep an eye on my partnerships and my course. Many times you have to be careful who you work with, because they may not be worthy of your own story, so you wear yourself out and that’s not coming back. I’ve always sorted with subtlety.