Anna Maria Papacharalambous: I feel like I’m carrying my mother.

“The disease was more nightmarish than death itself,” says Anna Maria Papacharalambous today was invited on the set of the show “Mega Morning” was today Anna Maria Papacharalambous. “I’m having a good time, a little tiring, we started Thessaloniki performances (Choose your death, darling). Thessaloniki I’ve only played in open theater, it’s the first time I’ve played in closed. Apart from fatigue it is nice, we have a good time,” said Anna Maria Papacharalambous. Anna Maria Papacharalambous then said: “I have no issue with age. The reason I’m telling her is that we have to celebrate the years we live. Others don’t get the chance. I’m 49 at 50. I’ve been treated well from there on, I’m not too crazy about the many cosmetic procedures. I have seen results that scare me, I prefer to grow as natural as possible, doing some things to help myself.” Anna Maria Papacharalambous also added: “I do therapy and consider it necessary in a man’s life. I think it should be imposed in a way. Nothing can work unless you see you. I’m not so interested in being so pleasant and pleasant always. Youth has very specific ways of defending things. Growing up you can manage them differently.” For her children, Anna Maria Papacharalambous said: “They have normal puberty, I try to get in their place. I remind myself that you ‘ did this when you were little’, but when you’re a mom it’s different. I have fear, it’s a tough society, don’t be at the wrong time. I would like not to be so nervous about myself, it is my business.” The actress referred to the adoption they wanted to move on with her husband: “We then wanted to raise the family this way. The circumstances, somewhat difficult in practice, had not gone far. Now I have no tolerance for this, I grew up.” For the loss of her mother, Anna Maria Papacharalambous said: “I feel like I carry my mother inside me. She’s gone young and my kids don’t remember her very well, and that makes me sad. The disease was more nightmarish than death itself. The path through the disease was more difficult, you realize that the man ‘goes away’, you mourn before ‘go’. The popular actress also referred to the metoo movement: “I had to be sure that she didn’t have a problem with her husband making it public. It’s something you share, and the other one stands next door, he sympathizes and participates in it. It was necessary enough to be therapeutic. Change is essential. Things that used to be done with ease and no one talked, now it’s not like that. The new kids talk, someone will protest.” Closing her interview, Anna Maria Papacharalambous revealed her return to television: “I’ll go back to television just isn’t an announcement. Next year I will do something, I will be in some series.”