Yiannis Antetokounbo at the top of Top 5 in the NBA with impressive spike

O was unstoppable in the Milwaukee victory Bucks against the Atlanta Hawks, with “Greek Freak” in the top 5 position at . Another day at work for John Antetokounbo, with the superstar of the Milwaukee Bucks marking double – double in his team’s 122-113 win over the Atlanta Hawks for the NBA. “Great Freak” stopped at 36 points, having 16 rebounds, with him offering certain moments of magic to the spectators of the showdown. In fact, his impressive spike resulted in him giving him the first place in the NBA Top 5, with him showing that he is in terrible shape. This was the 47th Bucks victory in the NBA regular season, with John’s team in second place of the Eastern district behind the Boston Celtics.